What is the Crown Chakra?

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Crown Chakra

This chakra carries the energy of divine illumination and enlightenment. It is the source of our higher consciousness. When we fully open this chakra it channels the divine essence into our physical being. When all seven chakras are fully opened we are purified and the true essence of our being is understood.

The following is a list of questions to ask yourself so you can determine if this is an area that needs clearing.

  • Are you dedicated to the divine consciousness?
  • Do you trust your spiritual reality?
  • Can you balance your spirituality and still remain grounded?
  • Are you lacking faith because you only believe in your own abilities?
  • Have you integrated your intuitive energy with your intellect?

Symptoms of an Unbalanced Crown Chakra

If you are suffering from some or all of the following symptoms then there is a high probability that your Crown Chakra needs to be balanced:

  • Lack of understanding
  • Confusion
  • Lack of Inspiration
  • Spiritual Cynicism
  • Desensitized to the spirit realm
  • Overly Materialistic

Issues resulting from an Unbalanced Crown Chakra

  • Inability to Focus
  • Migraines
  • Deterioration of the central nervous system
  • Accelerated Aging
  • Desensitization

Meditation to Balance your Sacral Chakra

Psychological Benefits of Meditation

Increasing your intelligence

Enhancing your creativity

Drastically improving your ability to think clearly

Physical Benefits of Meditation

Reduced muscular tension

Decreased high blood pressure

Ability to sleep more deeply and restfully

Emotional Benefits of Meditation

Improved sense of positivity

Increased confidence

Spiritual Benefits of Meditation

A greater sense of purpose and meaning in their lives

A feeling of connectedness to others

Healing Foods to Balance your Crown Chakra

This chakra is not nourished in the same way as the other six chakras. It is a chakra associated with spirit rather than the physical so it does not thrive on typical foods as the others do. It does thrive on sustenance that is derived from the sun, air and love.

Aromatherapy for the Crown Chakra

There are a number of scents that can stimulate the Crown Chakra such as:

  • Frankincense
  • Jasmine
  • Rosewood
  • Sandalwood
  • Sage – Removes negative energy from your home.

Gemstones Therapy for the Crown Chakra

  • Amethyst – Aids in spiritual awareness and achieving inner peace.
  • Quartz Crystal – Helps you to connect with your inner being.

Bach Flowers Remedies for the Crown Chakra

  • Wild Rose – Use this if you have given up on life and are just going with the flow with no effort to improve anything.
  • Mustard – Use this if everything looks hopeless or you become depressed for no apparent reason
  • White Chestnut – If you need control of your thoughts due to continuous negative thoughts or ongoing mental arguments.