What is a Medical Intuitive?

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A medical Intuitive is a holistic practitioner that uses their intuitive abilities to find the causes of physical or emotional conditions. Sometimes a medical intuitive is referred to as a clairvoyant, medical psychic or intuitive counselor. Intuitives cannot make a formal medical diagnosis but many intuitive are extremely accurate in their findings. Medical intuitive can see areas in the bodies that need healing. When they have made their findings a doctor may be consulted to seek more information based on the findings of the intuitive healer. Spiritual healers can see a dark, grainy or disruption of energy in an area of the body that should not be there and they can help to locate the emotional trauma that may have caused the physical ailment.

The body is scanned for areas of imbalance that may need an energy alignment or some physical treatment. Many medical doctors are also medical intuitive they work with a doctor to assess the patient. Although many practitioners can per

form the same practice as a medical intuitive they may not label themselves that way due to no formal medical training. These practitioners may practice energy work, body work, distance healers or spiritual healers.

What can a Medical Intuitive or Medical Intuitive Healer do for me?

A natural healing intuitive can see and isolate specific illnesses and imbalances in the human body. They can also ascertain strengths and positive areas of a client’s health. Many times a spiritual healer can see things that sophisticated testing does not reveal. Many times these areas of dis-ease can be isolated before physical damage is done. An intuitive healer can go beyond the physical issues and also see emotional conditions that may be the root of the problem.

Are you a Candidate for a Medi

cal Intuitive Healer?

If you have a physical ailment or emotional issue that seems to have no cause or an effective treatment does not exist then a medical intuitive could help. You may have even been diagnosed but possibly feel that there is an underlying key to the issue that you have not been able to discover.

An intuitive can connect with you at a profound level and can sense stagnant energy and imbalances in your energy system. An out of balance energy system can lead to dis-ease. Traditional medical diagnosis cannot always find the cause. Anxiety and stress over any issue can cause even deeper issues and having an intuitive consultation can many times alleviate these fears of the unknown and help you to understand them and eventually release them.

Does Medical Intuition work at a distance?

You medical intuitive does not need to be in close physical proximity when conducting your reading. We are all energetic beings so there is no distance that comes into play. If there is a clear intention to heal an intuitive can guide you in the right direction.