How to use meditation

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If you have ever felt the peace that comes over you when you walk in a forest or sat by the ocean then you have felt the same contentment that you will get from meditation.

Meditation is best when you can set some time aside each day to quiet the mind. In today’s society everything is always at hyper speed. Our new way of communicating with internet and smart phones has left little time to just “be”. If you use meditation it gives you the opportunity to slow things down a bit and get in touch with your eternal side of your being.

Initially in meditation, thoughts are slowed down, and eventually, thought stops completely. The height of meditation is a state called Samadhi where the mind is completely merged with worlds of perfect light. Meditation recharges you and helps you get in touch with your inner self. It brings clarity and insight into daily life – you can more easily determine what is really right for you. Meditation makes you happy and bright. It also empowers you to accomplish things in the daily world by connecting you to the power of the universe. Eventually, dedicated meditation practice leads to Enlightenment. The great news is that the benefits of meditation will be experienced right away, beginning with your first meditation session.

Techniques for Meditation
There are many forms of meditation, such as chakra, yantra, and mantra meditation. While the forms of meditation vary, they all use concentration techniques, which help us to stop our thoughts. When the mind is calm, like a lake without any ripples, we experience total peace and empowerment.

Meditation Tips
You may want to set aside a special place in your room that you only use for meditation. Or you can find a place outside that feels good to you. It is important to keep the back straight during meditation, whether you are sitting on the floor or in a chair. Energy flows up the spine, so we try to create a straight pathway for it. Also, it’s a good idea not to eat too much before you meditate, or you will feel heavy and tired.

Many styles of meditation practice exist today. They generally involve focusing on energy centers in the body, concentrating on a picture or image, chanting, or breathing exercises. Regardless of the style, they all share a common goal – to stop thought. When our thoughts stop, we can connect to worlds of light, power, wisdom, and pure consciousness. Try each style and determine which one feels best to you. You may even want to alternate between the techniques from time to time. Whichever approach you choose, you will find that each meditation session brings a little more clarity and power into your life. The most important things are perseverance in your practice and the ability to never judge your meditation. Meditation takes practice, so don’t expect too much too soon. If you find your mind wandering away from your meditation, do not get frustrated. Simply bring your mind gently back to the technique. Trust yourself and believe in the practice.