Holistic Childbirth

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Holistic Childbirth

The World Health Organisation believes that “In childbirth, there should be a valid reason to interfere with what is a natural process”. Unfortunately it is not possible to have a natural childbirth in today’s society unless you take active steps to make it happen in the way that you want.

Holistic Childbirth combines the strengths of a number of different complementary therapies to work with you to ensure that your body, mind and emotions work together to give you and your baby a more profound, shorter and less stressful birth experience. The therapies involved are Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Stress Management and Shiatsu.

Using Holistic Childbirth you are given the opportunity to set up more positive conditions so that you can experience:

More control over the entire birth process
A more relaxed pregnancy
A calm, peaceful and secure birth experience
A special integral role for your birth companion (e.g. partner) during the birth
A childbirth that often totally eliminates the need for chemical anaesthesia
A reduced risk of breech presentation and other complications
Easier resolution in the event of a complication
A shorter birth process (by several hours)
Less fatigue during birthing leaving you energy for the actual birth
Better bonding of mother, baby and birth companion
Rapid postnatal recovery and easier, more efficient, lactation
A good natured baby who is a better sleeper and eater
A return of childbirth into the beautiful, peaceful experience that nature intended.

Having a baby should be a wonderful natural experience. You can make this happen for you and your baby with the help of Holistic Childbirth.


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