Energy Balancing

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What is Energy Balancing?

Energy balancing is based on the existence of patterns of energy within and around the body that form a matrix used by the body to maintain itself in a state of “wellness.” The principle behind balancing is that every living organism is in constant movement, a vibration of energy, a contraction and expansion of the life force itself. Life energy moves within every cell of the body through channels called meridians or currents generating energy fields both inside and outside the body. These fields may be influenced to temporarily alter the flow of energy within the body.

The Flow of Energy

This temporary influence may be the result of (or) caused by the stress of illness, disease, injury, emotional trauma (past or recent) or psychological factors. In the normal course of events, when a physical correction, such as the ingestion of proper nutrients is made, the body naturally corrects the flow of life energy. If, for some reason, the flow of energy remains out of balance, energy blocks may be established and chronic health problems arise. In energy balancing we work to release these energy blocks and balance the flow so that healing can take place naturally.

Influencing the Energy Flow

Balancing deals with the energy that flows through and energizes the body’s organs and tissues. In practice when influencing energy, bi-polar contact is used, that is, we use two contact points on the patient’s body simultaneously, a positive and negative contact, using hands, fingers or some combination of the two. By temporarily influencing the energy flow, we remind the body of its natural state of health, a harmonious flow of life energy throughout the body, expressed physically in balanced cellular and biochemical activity. This remembrance of health allows the body to hold this harmonious flow as the body heals itself.

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