Brain Wave Frequencies

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Meditative Theta state

4.5 beats or cycles per second for example, which can be obtained through rhythmic drumming or chanting, puts your brain in a theta state that enables you to meditate deeply. The steady drone of Tibetan chants is a powerful way to accomplish this.

The Four Brain States

Alpha Brain Waves

The alpha rhythm was the first brainwave frequency to be discovered. It occurs through a state of deep relaxation and aids visualization, creativity and self-healing. Healers move into an alpha rhythm when they are engaged in healing others. The alpha waves are gentle, in the range of 7-12 Hz, and promote a state of deep relaxation that is useful as a prelude to meditation.

During the alpha state, your awareness expands, your fears dissolve and you begin to feel comfortable and at peace in a state of relaxation and contentment. The state of happiness. The Shuman resonance, the resonant frequency of the Earth’s magnetic field, flows at the same frequency as alpha rhythms.

Theta Brain Waves

The theta frequency rests below that of the alpha rhythm, at 4-7 Hz. this is the predominant realm during deep relaxation; brain activity is not quite slow enough for sleep. In this stage there are heightened preconceptions and receptivity, flashes of inspiration and often emergence of long forgotten memories. Physical effects include a sensation of floating and expansion.

Beta Brain Waves

The beta rhythm occurs when you are wide awake, alert and concentrating. Your mind is sharply focused, you can make connections between different ideas and thought processes and you are able to train your attention like a laser on the object of your focus.

During beta state, neurons fire rapidly so your mind works very quickly, shifting through ideas and dismissing or pursuing them. Total awareness. When you take an exam or an engaged in intense thinking, your beta rhythm is predominant. It governs analytical cognitive processes and coordination and heightened sensations of being fully awake or aware. If you are confused or under stress, you will have access beta waves in evidence. Beta waves are in the 13 – 40 Hz range.

Delta Brain Waves

The Delta rhythm, at 0-4 Hz, is elongated and slow and is activated during deep sleep. The human growth hormone (HGH), essential for healing and all forms of bodily regeneration, is facilitated by frequencies with the Delta rhythm.

Dreaming Brain Waves

The subconscious mind resonates to the Delta rhythm, so intuitions and deep memories can emerge through dreaming states. This will enable you to tap into the potent healing and creative powers of your unconscious mind and to allow normally trap information to emerge, which can allow a clearing process for the past. This makes dreams analysis an important tool to be used for creativity and improving self awareness.