Body Scan

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A body scan can be done in several ways, depending on how detailed the client wants the information to be. Essentially, it requires checking first the energetic systems that support the body, which include the circulatory system, the meridian system and the lymphatic system.

The second part of the process involves checking each organ, their interactions with each other and the respiratory, digestive, reproductive systems.

Then, finally, recommendations or suggestions can be made to correct the imbalances. Another part of the process is intuitively determining whether medications or any other aspect of allopathic, homeopathic or holistic medicine will be of value.

You may want to know whether surgery will help, for example, or whether a certain doctor will be able to help you.

This and more information can be obtained intuitively and then what you do with that information is your choice. You may decide to incorporate the information into your life or you may decide to ignore it, but at least you have more knowledge with which you can make informed decisions about your health.