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What is an aura?

An aura is an invisible energy or emanation field that surrounds all living things. The word aura comes from the Greek word avra which means breeze. The energies flowing through our auras can reflect aspects of our personalities, lifestyles, thoughts, emotions and mental make up. All aspects of our lives can be seen in our auras including our make up: Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually, and Physically.

As auras are electrical fields of energy, they must be seen with a finely tuned eye. Auras are said to be directly connected to the chakras in our bodies. As we have 7 chakras, though some people believe we have more, there are approximately 7 colors that can be seen through our auric fields. The colors of the aura directly correlate to that area of our body and lives which corresponds to the chakra in our bodies relating to that color.

The chakras in our bodies start at our genital areas and raise up through our bodies to the top of our head or the Crown chakra. The colors attributed to these chakras also vary.





Crown Chakra (Head)


Seeker of Truth

I Know

Brow Chakra (3rd eye)


Ability to see truth,psycic ability

I See

Throat Chakra


Speaking your Truth,

Independant Spirit

I Speak Up

Heart Chakra


Very Healing and Sensitive

I Love

Solar Plexus


Intellect, Warmth, Compassion, Personal


I Can

Sacral Chakra


Emotional Balance, Sexuality

I Feel


Root Chakra


Physical Energy, Survival, Reproduction

I Have

There are some ways we can learn to tune into the color of our auras or those of others. First, in sensing them, there is an exercise which can help you tune into your energy field. Start by holding both hands in front of you about 2-3 inches apart. Hold them there until you start to feel a very subtle tingle in your hands. Then gently pull them apart 2 inches further and sense the energy from here. Once more, pull them apart further and so on. What you are doing is sensing the energy in your hands and allowing yourself to tune into your energy fields. Typically, prickly sensations or heat are commonly felt.

In learning how to see your aura you must be in a very relaxed state of mind and free of any obstructions: anger, alcohol, drugs, and free of fatigue. Gently center yourself comfortably. You can be sitting, lying down, or standing up. Put your hands in front of you about 6 inches from your face. Sideways or palms facing you, whatever feels comfortable. Now, let your eyes relax and your vision go hazy naturally. Fix your eyes on the side of your hand or staring at the center of it, and watch gentle energy colors start to vibrate to the side of your hand. You may see colors or a pulsating of colors.

It may not occur right away but be patient with yourself. Eventually, colors will start to show gradually.

How to center yourself

Again, as mentioned about the dowsing, the best way to attune yourself to the subtle energies in the aura and start to see colors is through meditation. As well, it is also important to have the proper lighting. I personally find that if you try to see auras in a very dimly lit area or an area where the light is not strong enough, chances are that you may not see them clearly. I also find background colors of either white or an off beige to be the most appropriate for myself to tune in.

You will notice that once you allow your eyes to go lazy somewhat you will start to see color(s) emerge and they may be seen for a few seconds and then disappear. Do not become discouraged. You are training yourself to see very subtle energy forms that are very delicate in nature.

Meditation is probably the most beneficial and recommended practice to use. However, you also have to believe within yourself that you can in fact do it. The answer to that is YES you can. Anybody can.

As you sit in a chair or comfortably on your bed or on carpet, put your hands in front of you about 6 inches or so away from your face. Have them palms facing each other. Feel the energy between your palms cause your hands to tingle. Usually a pins and needles feeling is what you will get. When you place your hand on a sheet of paper or on a background of the colors mentioned above, you may start to see the aura(s) around your fingers either on the side of your fingers or on the tips of your fingers.

I also find that when bathing, I seem to strengthen my auras as they become much stronger and dominant in color. They form heavily around my feet and around my legs. I feel it may have something to do with the composition of the water itself.

How to Know What the Colors Mean

As shown above in the chart, every chakra is related to a color which correlates to a specific area of our body and life. When a certain color emerges in your ability to see them, you can relate that color to that area of life that chakra corresponds to. I typically see blues and greens. Take some time to interpret what color(s) you are seeing and what they mean for you.