What is Spiritual Healing

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What is Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing techniques are all linked by a common faith in universal life energy. The power of belief will help you to heal.

There are many different kinds of spiritual healing, from laying on of hands to color therapy, but all share the common belief that some illnesses can be cured without medicine or surgery. Christians ask God to help a loved one get better; Chinese mystics point to Chi Energy that needs to be rebalanced. Both know that there are invisible energies in the world.

Healing thoughts

Whether you choose to believe that these energies are controlled by a higher being or are just a part of nature that we can tap into, you can still learn to channel them. By drawing them into your body, you will benefit from a boost to your health and vitality.

Energy centers of the body

Crown Chakra

Controls the higher function of intelligence. Blockages can affect logical reasoning.

Third Eye chakra

Sees beyond the psychic realm and governance your psychic abilities and awareness. Blockages can result in feeling unsettled in life.

Throat chakra

Controls how we express ourselves verbally and nonverbally. Blockages can result in bossiness or being overbearing.

Heart chakra

Control self-esteem. Blockages may result in selfishness.

Stomach chakra

This is the energy center that controls personality and emotions. Blockages may result in feeling sick to your stomach.

Sacral chakra

Governs sensuality and sexuality. Blockages may result in excessive cleanliness.

Base chakra

Controls mental and physical strength. Blockages can lead to aggression and mental problems.

Life force energy flows throughout your body, the blockages can occur in any of the major chakras.

Invisible healing energy

All forms of spiritual healing work for me, believe in a life force or universal energy that is found in all living things, and even affects inanimate objects such as crystals and rocks. The invisible healing power is commonly known as Chi – the term used in traditional Chinese healing, and is considered to be an intangible flow of energy that runs through the body, nourishing and healing it. Health can be affected by a blockage in the flow of Chi, so many healing practices from Crystal healing to Reiki and shiatsu, focus on restoring balance to the energy flow.

This energy is invisible to the naked eye, although some people believe that the aura, given off by your life force can be photographed using a method known as Kirlian photography. These images show the electrical energy that emanates from physical matter.

A guide to spiritual healing

There are various methods of spiritual healing, most of which are fully compatible with one another. Many of these healing methods are explored.


The power of your mind

The power of the mind to heal the body is often underestimated in Western medicine, but it is central to many of the ancient spiritual healing practices. It has been widely noted that the desire to get better plays a role in how quickly someone recovers from illness or injury.

The power of belief. In the case of spiritual healing practices, understanding how a therapy works is not as important as believing in the ability to heal. It is our faith in a healer’s ability to rechannel energies or select an appropriate Crystal that ensures our well-being. Belief in a higher power, be it the Christian God, nature, magic, or a healer’s hands, is the key to ensuring that therapies can work.

Many therapies fall into the category of spiritual healing but all rely on the power of belief and faith.

Vibrational therapies and visualization

Vibrational therapies are based on the idea that everything is surrounded by an electromagnetic energy field that resonates at its own frequency. When the body is in good health, this frequency remains fairly constant, but it can be disrupted by ill health.

Crystal healing is one of the best-known vibration therapies.

Therapies such as color therapy, crystal healing and sound therapy aim to rebalance or absorb negative vibrations and restore happiness and health to our bodies; it’s a rebalancing of energy.

Additionally, visualization and meditation can play a role in some Vibrational therapies. For example it is thought that visualizing yourself bathed in a particular color has the same effect on your mood as looking at that color.

Color therapy utilizes our emotional response to specific light waves in the visible spectrum. The type of healing that occurs depends on the color used.

Channeling energy

Once you have opened your mind to the concept of a universal healing energy, you can start learning to channel it. Channeling energy is performed to draw vitality from the world around you into your own body, or into someone else’s to aid healing and boosts general well-being.

Energy therapies practice as diverse as Crystal healing, Reiki and spell casting use tools, even if it is simply the reiki healer’s hands, to focus and harness the flow of energy. The energy centers known as the chakras are often the focus of such channeling’s and can be stimulated by various means.

Reiki works to aid the flow of life energy throughout the body, for restoring health.

The laying on of hands

All of us appreciate that a loving hug can lift the spirits. We also know that gently massaging sore muscle or rubbing a bruise can make us feel better. Healing hands, some therapies take this idea a step further, believing that certain people are born with special abilities enabling them to heal through the power of touch by, laying hands on to the sick person.

Some healers believe they have an innate power within themselves, while others believe they work on behalf of a higher being, such as the Christian God. A hands-on healer uses their hands to channel or redirect healing energy; therefore they use their hands as a tool for well-being.

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