What is Osho Rebalancing?

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Rebalancing was developed in the 1980’s by a group of health practitioners of different disciplines, such as Rolfing postural integration Heller Work Cranio sacral balancing Tragering Physiotherapy and massage. They were working under the guidance of Osho to develop Rebalancing Deep tissue massage therapy. The idea was essentially to create a new form of bodywork that would take the best of the presently existing modalities and imbue them with a deeper perspective than was currently available.

Osho Rebalancing brings people back into harmony with themselves. This allows them to live their essential unity of body, mind and heart. The following methods are employed to accomplish the rebalancing:

  • Deep Tissue Manipulation
    The tension is freed in the muscles by using deep slow skillful strokes.
  • Joint Release
    the joints are mobilized to remind the body of its original grace in movement. Tensions and toxins that are held in the joints are released.
  • Breath and Energy Work
  • Cranio Sacral Bodywork
  • Body Awareness Training

As the body releases muscular rigidities and relaxes, energy is set free. At the same time old and unconscious emotional and mental attitudes and patterns which imprison us can come into our awareness. This helps us to a better understanding of ourselves and of our hidden potentials. Hereby we come closer to our innermost core, which enables us to live life more spontaneously and meaningfully.

The main concept of Osho Rebalancing is that the body and mind are one, and both are the home of the soul. Through work on the physical we can influence and regulate the balance of the whole person. It is a powerful method to release deep-seated tensions in the body, mind and feelings. Rebalancing frees tensions through deep slow and skilful strokes, which are carried out with great ease. The client is encouraged to breathe deeply, to express and connect to whatever he is exploring at that moment, in an invitingly gentle way. Rebalancing educates to become more free and upright. Living in the body becomes a pleasurable stress less experience.

Rebalancing is traditionally done in a sequence of 10 treatments lasting approximately an hour. In each treatment the focus is on one body segment, bringing life and awareness to the areas we never notice. Rebalancing is a process of transformation that elevates the patterns of thought feeling and energy flow. Rebalancing is unique among the deep tissue therapies, in that the 10-session structure is a tool to work with and not a rigid structure to cling to. Besides the scientific knowledge of the strokes, precise anatomy and body reading, there is a lot of room for creativity and artistry on the part of the practitioner. The effects of Rebalancing are long lasting and a complete series of sessions will alter the way one feels and relates to oneself.