What are Flower Essences?

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What are Flower Essences?

Used in various forms throughout the ages, flower essences (also called flower remedies) were introduced to the modern world by the research of Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician and homeopath. Dr. Bach developed his flower essences in the 1920’s and 30’s in response to the need for a very gentle form of healing that addressed the mental, emotional and spiritual issues he believed were the underlying causes of disease.

The term flower essence refers to liquid tinctures made from flowers that are prepared so that the life force and unique subtle energetic1 pattern2 of a plant are captured in water. Created using a simple, low tech process3, flower essences are preparations of pure energy and contain none of the physical substance of the plant. When introduced into ones’ energy field, they dissolve energetic blocks and imbalances that lead to unhappiness and dis-ease by interacting with and balancing the complex network of energetic patterns that are the manifestations of life. This is possible because a sympathetic attunement exists between humanity and individual flower essences4.

Flower essences are most often used to help process trauma and stress, clear away unproductive life patterns, and expand and elevate consciousness. They act as catalysts for inner change by gently balancing, supporting and enhancing the “better angels of our nature”. This catalyzing and balancing process has a direct and positive impact on consciousness.

When flower essences are used to eliminate energetic impediments, consciousness is raised and the individual is able to function from a point that is closer to the real Self, which brings a sense of inner harmony. As conscious awareness is elevated, the ability to understand and incorporate higher ideals and healthier life patterns is enhanced, aiding the restoration of happiness and health.

This shift may be gradual or immediate. For example, in acute or emergency situations, the action of flower essences is often observed to be dramatic, remarkable and swift, while the transformation of deep, long-standing issues may be observed to emerge over a period of time.

Flower essences fall within the general alternative healing category of vibrational healing techniques. Other vibrational techniques include such disciplines as homeopathy and acupuncture. Since flower essences are basically tinctures of the energy of pure consciousness, they operate in the realm of consciousness. Because they operate in the realm of consciousness, flower essences enjoy what is known as “self-adjusting” properties. This means that when an essence is used that is inappropriate, nothing happens – there are no adverse reactions5. In addition, flower essences have the added benefit of not interfering with any other modalities or medications one may be using, and are not habit forming. Flower essences are the most deep acting form of vibrational healing.

Flower essences have no fragrance and flower essence healing should not be confused with aromatherapy. While aromatherapy and flower essences often address the same issues (tension, stress, etc) they operate at different levels: aromatherapy utilizes direct stimulation through the senses whereas flower essences stimulate the non-physical consciousness by supplying subtle energetic healing patterns.