Seven Chakras Health/Body Collation Chart

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1 Survival,
tribal issues, instinct, past life issues, family, marriage,
parenting, correct behavior, society, ability to provide basic
needs for living. Following the establishment and the families
rules. Doing what your family/spouse wants. Trying to fit in.
Compromises to these issues.
Main supporting
functions of body: blood, bone, and immune disorders. Rectal
cancers & trouble. Base of spine/ chronic lower back pain.
Feet and leg problems including varicose veins and leg cramps.
2 Power, creativity, sexual
issues, blame, control, passion, ethics, money,  greed,
honor in relationship issues, fidelity, feelings of repression
or wrongness in sexual matters. Reproduction issues. Birthing
new ideas.
Reproductive organs are
effected from menstrual cycle problems, cancers in this area,
to impotency. Pelvic and lower back pains, urinary and bladder
problems, hips.
3 Responsibility issues,
caring for others, trust, fear, guilt, career, intimidation,
personal honor, victimization feelings, and courage. Self concern
issues; self- respect, sensitivity to criticism, self-esteem,
self-worth and own confidence.
Indigestion, stomach,
intestinal, and colon problems. Eating disorders. Diabetes,
arthritis, adrenal, pancreas, liver dysfunctions, gall bladder,
kidneys, and ulcers. Spleen and middle of back problems.
4 Love, happiness, desire
for happiness, sadness, anger, hatred, prejudism, loneliness,
forgiveness, compassion, hopes, desires, wants, grief, resentments,
commitment, trust in your close interpersonal relationships.
Choices in love.
Heart and circulatory
system, lungs, breathing problems, chest area, breasts, asthma
and associated allergies, pneumonia, bronchitis, upper back,
shoulder, and arm problems.
5 Communication, expressing
yourself, telling truth, following your dreams and being true
to yourself. Addictions, habits, judgement, faith, making decisions,
knowing and being yourself, criticism, will power, doing what
you said you would do. All forms of expression & communication.
Neck area, mouth, teeth,
gums, mouth sores. Thyroid and gland problems. Throat, esophagus,
hiatal hernias, sore throats, choking, gagging, laryngitis.
6 Truth, knowledge, intellect,
intuitive powers, learning from experience, feeling inadequate,
inner wisdom, knowing yourself and self evaluation, open-mindedness,
accepting yourself and others. Listening and seeing openly.
Ears including hearing
problems and ringing. Eye problems including sensitivity to
light to blindness. Nose, brain and nervous system, full spine
problems, learning problems.
7 Spirituality, devotion
to spiritual and personal matters. Unconditional love to self,
the earth, and to others. Empathy, humanitarism, selflessness,
values, and ethics. Connection with ULEK™, ability to
go with the flow of life and to see the larger picture, inspiration
without wants. The Higher Self.
Skin and muscle systems
are effected. Energy/exhaustion problems, mystical depression
and searching feelings, sensitivity to the environment, sun,
light, and sound.

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