What is an aura? An aura is an invisible energy or emanation field that surrounds all living things. The word aura comes from the Greek word avra which means breeze. The energies flowing through our auras can reflect aspects of our personalities, lifestyles, thoughts, emotions and mental make up. All aspects of our lives can […]


What is Astrology ? Put simply, Astrology is the method by which a total stranger (the astrologer) may detect how you tend to perceive the world, over time. The signs, planets, and aspects combine to give an individual a filter through which he will view his circumstances and react to them. The configuration of the […]


What is Ashiatsu? Ashiatsu (ashi = foot, atsu= pressure) is an adaptation of an ancient Japanese form of barefoot massage. Bars are used overhead and used for balance and control. The therapist uses her soft, clean feet to apply deep compression massage and long, gliding strokes over the back of the clients body. Lotion is […]


What Are Angels “We not only live among men, but there are airy hosts, blessed spectators, sympathetic lookers-on, that see and know and appreciate our thoughts and feelings and acts.” – Henry Ward Beecher I have read many articles on angels and there are as many conflicting beliefs about them as there are religions and […]

Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is not so much something you learn as something you unlearn. It is a method of releasing unwanted muscular tension throughout your body which has accumulated over many years of stressful living. This excess tension often starts in childhood and, if left unchecked, can give rise in later life to common ailments […]

Akashic Records

The Akashic Field is the energy storage hologram for our soul as it acquires human experiences. Every thought, word, deed and action is recorded or imprinted on this energy field. The Akashic Field is very similar to an invisible super computer holding vast amounts of information about YOU. This field is continuously written and rewritten […]


Today in most western cultures it is considered a “new alternative” medicine. In reality Acupuncture (and its related Moxibustion) are practiced medical treatments that are over 5,000 years old. Very basically, Acupuncture is the insertion of very fine needles, (sometimes in conjunction with electrical stimulus), on the body’s surface, in order to influence physiological functioning […]