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Herbal Remedies for Anxiety

Herbal remedies for treating anxiety As the pace of life continues to increase, so do your stress levels. Learn how to ease the symptoms of anxiety with gentle herbal remedies. Employment stress, exam pressure and family breakups are some of the life events that leave people feeling agitated and tends. Anxiety related disorders such as […]

How to make Herbal Ointments

Making herbal ointments Unscented lotion and ointments make ideal basis for healing herbs, when you need to apply them externally. Homemade ointments and lotions provide a neutral base for herbal preparation and a convenient way of applying herbs to the skin. Add antiseptic herbs to treat cuts in graces or anti-inflammatory herbs to soothe skin […]

Herbal Poultices

Making Herbal Poultices Poultices are similar to compresses, except the whole herb is applied rather than a liquid extract, providing effective first aid treatment. Poultices are simple herbal preparations that can be made at home. Moist, hot herbs are pasted onto the skin to give soothing, healing relief from small wounds or painful muscles. Fresh, […]

How to make Herbal Tinctures

Making herbal flower remedies and herbal tinctures Tinctures can be stored for a long time, making them the perfect way to harness the restorative if power of flowers and herbs. Tinctures are made by steeping fresh or dried herbs in pure alcohol. The plants active constituents are dissolved in the alcohol which acts as an […]

What is an herbalist?

What is an herbalist? In the United States, an herbalist is a self-defined professional. There is no national or state system of licensure or certification for herbalists. Professional groups may grant certification to members that have reached a certain level of training as an herbalist. Some herbalists concentrate on growing or wild crafting (picking) herbs. […]