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Benzoin Essential Oil

Healing with Benzoin oil Benzoin oil comes from the resin of the Styrax tree. This oil is valued for its warming and soothing properties. This scented gum has been collected and traded for thousands of years. You will find that it can bring you comfort if you are sad and depressed. Benzoin Oil is nurturing […]

Bay Essential Oil

Bay oil is usually associated as a masculine scent but there are benefits of this essential oil for all. It is valued in aromatherapy for its cleansing effects on the mind, body and spirit. Laurel Bay, a native of the Mediterranean, has been a symbol of wisdom and peace for thousands of years. Folklore of […]

Healing with Basil Oil

Commonly used to add flavoring to Mediterranean food, basil also has a number of therapeutic properties. It can soothe feelings of anxiety and ease digestion. Basil oil can be used to refresh the senses, invigorate the mind, and soothe the digestive and respiratory tracts. The oil of basil is produced by steam distilling, resulting in […]

Herbal Remedies for Bladder Infections

Ease the discomfort and pain of a bladder infection by using the healing powers of the herbal world. Good herbs for treating this condition include horsetail and couchgrass. Bladder and urinary tract infections can be painful. Inflammation of the bladder is caused by bacterial infection, and the symptoms include discomfort in the lower abdomen, back […]

Healing with Aromatherapy

The Magic of Aromatherapy You can harness the healing and uplifting qualities of plant fragrances to help you relax, unwind and even treat minor ailments. You can find out simply and pleasurably just how beneficial aromatherapy can be by adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to the next bath that you take. You […]

What is an Alterative?

What is an Alterative? Alteratives are herbs that will restore the proper function of the body and increase health and vitality. Generally they act to alter the body’s processes of metabolism so that the body can heal. These work in a variety of ways from helping with nutrition to elimination. Many of these types of […]

Uses for Echinacea

Uses for Echinacea Names: Purple Coneflower Typical Places Found: Throughout North American prairies, plains, and open woodlands.   Part Used:  The root Anti-microbial, immunomodulator, anti-catarrhal, alterative Echinacea is one of the primary remedies for helping the body rid itself of microbial infections. It is often effective against both bacterial and viral attacks, and may be […]

Comfrey Uses

Comfrey Uses Names : Knitbone How to Collect This Herb: The roots should be unearthed in the spring or autumn when the allantoin levels are the highest. Split the roots down the middle and dry in moderate temperatures of about 40-60 degrees C. Part Used: Root and rhizome, leaf. Vulnerary, demulcent, anti-inflammatory, astringent, expectorant. The […]