Breath Work – Buteyko Method

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The Buteyko Method is a program of retraining breathing that provides sustained improvement for those with respiratory conditions. It consists of a series of safe, simple and effective breathing exercises, which restores natural patterns in the body systems resulting in dramatically decreased symptoms along with eliminating the need for medications.

Developed by Professor Konstantin Buteyko from Russia, after years of scientific research, the Buteyko method is based upon the standard medical principals of respiration, the normalization of breathing and the Bohr Effect. Dr. Buteyko describes why people hyperventilate. This is a self-perpetuating cycle which continues until reversed. Learning the Buteyko method provides people with the knowledge and skills to get back their health and their life. By following the program, disorders can be completely reversed, bringing natural relief. Dr Buteyko was decorated by the state for his contribution to the Soviet Space program; cosmonauts were able to stay in space significantly longer after learning the breathing technique. Athletes are trained in the Buteyko method to enhance their performance and hospitals use the program as a first defense against asthma and other respiratory problems.