Animal Communication

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How often have you wondered what your dog was trying to tell you with those long stares? Working with an animal communicator allows you to have a two way conversation with your horse, dog , cat, or other animal friend.

One of the ways animals communicate is telepathically. This is simply a mind to mind communication. People have developed verbal and written skills and we’ve let our telepathic skills diminish. This ability can be rekindled.

In our session, I will give you tips about how to start this type communication yourself.

Telepathic communication gives you a mind-to-mind connection unlimited by geographic location. I work with people and their animals all over the United States, Canada, and Europe.

There are many ways to use a communication session.

* Behavioral issues can be addressed and misunderstandings cleared up. You can check on health issues. While I am not a vet, and do not diagnose, often I pick up symptoms and refer the people to the vet. Vet confirmation of my readings has built my confidence in the information that I receive.
* You can talk to your animals and explain an upcoming vacation or trip to the kennel or vet.
* Giving animals in the house a “heads up” on a new member of the family eases the transition tremendously.
* Including your animal in the decision about medical treatment and the right time to die can make that process easier.
* Some people find peace of mind talking to their beloved friends after they have died.
* In general, telepathic communication increases the bond between you and your animal.


Cindy Smith –